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Hungergames Only
Frozen and Arctic now have access to specific classes without the need for purchase while Blizzard has access to all classes.

You can now purchase classes for the server which you can use in the games!

You can only use one class per match, but you can purchase as many as you want and use a different class each match. Simply type '/class' at the start or during a game to see your available class. Then type '/class classname' to select a class for the match.

You have the Cook and Scout classes available by default.

Click Here to view all available classes!

We have also added the ability to buy access to a virtual chest which you can store items in. So when you die in the PvP Dome, any items in this virtual chest will remain. You can buy access to this for 30 days to try it out or buy it permanently.

Click Here to get access to a virtual chest!

Note: All classes are subject to change for balancing reasons without notice.

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